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Activities & Benefits

ACTIVITY: Creative Writing — After completing a scribble, turn the page over and embark on the wonderful creative writing journey. Teachers can encourage descriptive words.  

BENEFITS: Read/write learning style, intra-personal and linguistic intelligences, writing assessment practice


ACTIVITY: Do a Character Study­ — Create a back-story on the character or entity to better identify with the scribble. 

BENEFITS: Logical and interpersonal intelligences, writing assessment practice

ACTIVITY: Present Your Scribble­ — Share your work with others and facilitate a group discussion about art and creativity.    

BENEFITS: Presentation, persuasion, and delivery skills, communication


ACTIVITY: Set a Musical Environment — Set the mood of your Scribble Play with background music. See how the different types of music and beats affect the body of work.    

BENEFIT: listening skills, auditory learning style, musical intelligence

ACTIVITY: Scribble Teams — Break into groups and create a story integrating the different character profiles into a seamless adventure.  

BENEFIT: Teamwork, compromise, interpersonal intelligence


ACTIVITY: Scribble Improv — Same as Scribble Teams, but present the story as fun short improvisations or theatrical scripts. Use props, costumes, and any other fun elements to enhance the story.    

BENEFIT: theatrical skills, Arts in the Classroom, visual-spatial intelligence, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles


ACTIVITY: Cerebral Scribbling — Meditate on your scribble for at least thirty seconds per side, close your eyes for at least 60 seconds, and imagine that you are coloring on the paper. Finally, open your eyes and execute your vision. Have music in the background to enhance the experience.   

BENEFIT: Meditation, memory, visualization, patience, intra-personal intelligence, visual-spatial learning style, mindfulness


ACTIVITY: Scribble Yoga — Create a character, and move your body in ways that your scribble design would. Create interesting poses and teach them to your fellow scribblers.     

BENEFIT: Movement, visual-spatial intelligence, awareness of surroundings, kinesthetic learning style


ACTIVITY: Put on Your Scribble Cap — Get in the frame of mind for innovative and prolific thinking. Envision the possibilities beyond what is right in front of you.    

BENEFIT: Creativity, inspiration, logical intelligence, open-mindedness, perspective


ACTIVITY: Test Prep — Pull out Scribfolios™ for quiet time to center your mind before a big test. Quiet Scribble Play ignites creativity, concentration, and an open mind for positive learning; It networks both hemispheres of the brain and initiates the mind/body connection.    

BENEFIT: concentration, focus, relaxation, critical-thinking skills


ACTIVITY: Take a Scribble Break — Create a calming atmosphere with individual Scribble Play to reduce anxiety and transition students from recess to the classroom.    

BENEFIT: Stress reliever, clear the mind, logical intelligence, transition, relaxation


ACTIVITY: Scribble Reflection — Have students create in their Scribfolio™ at regular times (ie. weekly)throughout the school year or activity session. Present the personal portfolio to families at the end of the term.  

BENEFIT: Show growth in creativity, dexterity, handwriting, and creativity over the course of time


ACTIVITY: What in the World? — Sharpen your observation skills by taking your Scribfolio™ out into the world. Use the things you see as inspiration for your scribble.     

BENEFIT: Observation, awareness, perception

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