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Fundamentals & Principles 


Fundamental: Analyze your scribble in your Scribfolio™, looking at it from every angle.

Principles: Concentration, focus, imagination


Fundamental: Describe what you see to others.

Principles: Communication, persuasion skills


Fundamental: Use artists’ tools to color in your scribble to transform it into an object, animal or idea.

Principles: Creativity, dexterity, tactile sensation


Fundamental: Learn new information about the real-world version of your new creation. (e.g. if you drew a version of a duck, learn something new about a duck and its environment).

Principles: Research, intrigue, initiative


Fundamental: Describe your creation using descriptive words, sentences, and/or paragraphs depending on your mastery of writing.

Principles: Creative writing, character study


Fundamental: Scribbles are a great icebreaker because everyone sees something different. Utilize this thought-provoking conversation starter to nurture presentation skills by verbally sharing concepts, drawings, and stories to individuals or groups.

Principles: Communication, presentation, improvisation


Fundamental: Have a full group discussion about what others see, and how this relates to each other’s visions.

Principles: See things from another’s perspective, create a climate of acceptance,acknowledge differences, respect others’ ideas



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