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We designed with these standards in mind

Educators all over the nation are looking for creative ways to meet the learning requirements of state standardized tests and the Common Core. We designed this activity with educational standards and objectives in mind.


While bringing the arts and an integrated curriculum into the classroom, teachers can prepare students for success on these accountability assessments as well as for after high school and a lifetime of learning. The most important tools we can give our youth are critical thinking, problem-solving, ingenuity, and inspiration, which often come from a multidisciplinary approach to learning. Scribfolio™ integrates these through the concepts and skills of the arts, fine motor function, oral communication, writing, and analysis — all in one activity. It fuses positive work habits and accessible learning styles for a broad range of abilities within a classroom or other learning settings.


Humans, especially youth, are hardwired to resonate with symbols, patterns, and shapes. Young people naturally relate to scribbling and coloring as something that everyone can do, and they are not intimidated by the process of this learning activity. Students practicing Scribfolio™ in a group setting also learn how to respect others and that diversity is something to be celebrated. Students get to see many different interpretations of the very same scribble and how no one scribble is right or wrong; it is just unique — different. 


The story-telling component of Scribfolio™ provides wonderful practice for formal writing assessments, no matter the ability level. It offers students opportunities to analyze characteristics of the person, place, or thing that the scribble turned into and to determine how one scribble can co-exist in the storylines of other scribbles. Teachers can use Scribble Play as a means to normalize the activity of putting pen to paper for timid students. After scribblers get used to making up their own stories, teachers can add prompts to the assignment that correlate to other lessons. To add another powerful arts experience in the classroom, teachers and students can turn the stories into theatrical scripts. According to the National Art Education Association, “We need to extend the reach of the arts.


The research on the causes of the drop-out problem portrays a group of seemingly faceless students who fail to connect with anyone or anything before they vanish. Now we’re learning that the more challenged or disengaged the student, the more likely high-quality visual arts instruction can make a difference. ”Scribfolio™ helps level the playing field in the classroom. No matter the learning style, artistic strength, home life, experience, age, ability, or temperament Scribfolio™... engages students in experiential learning that excites, inspires, opens doors to creativity, and nourishes innovation.


Below are downloadable PDFs that outline Common Core standards that relate to Scribfolio™ activities. Add Scribble Play to your lesson plans and check off the standards that apply.








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